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Our production – why is HETA so committed to using their own production capabilities

At the very beginning appearing as an engineering office the initial trigger came with an order from Japan in the 90s. Demand: HETA-in-house realization. The fewer the number or stations needed to manufacture safety-relevant components, the better the results because we know exactly what we do – safety through our own efforts.

HETA production combines enormous forces with smart production technology and total safety. The inner workings of a HETA filter system are always specifically tailored to each individual filtration or separation process. To ensure that HETA uses a whole range of welding techniques carried out by skilled welders as well as welding machines.

Our production range

Our production is separated in two areas:

  • Stainless steel processing production
  • Carbon steel processing production

We are capable to independently carry out forming and jointing works up to a diameter of 2500 mm, a length of 6000 mm and weights of 8 tons.

But that is not everything! We are working together with an external manufacturer who is capable of manufacture products for us up to a diameter of 4000 mm, a length of 15000 mm and a weight if 60 tons.

Our machinery

  • Bending Roll up to 1520 mm bending length, 8 mm thickness
  • Bending Roll up to 3270 mm bending length, 25 mm thickness
  • Roller Block up to 2,5 t
  • Roller Block up to 8 t
  • Turntables up to 3,5 t
  • WIG-Welding Machine, 400 A
  • MAG/MIG-Welding Machine, 380 A
  • UP-Welding Machine, 800 A
  • Spot Welding Unit
  • Drying Oven, 400 °C
  • Cranes up to 8 t
  • Equipment for water or air pressure test up to 655 bar


Our construction – it’s all a matter of design

Construction (Latin: from com – “together” and struere “to pile up”[=build]). The Latin translation is also our understanding of construction. Together with our client we want to build and develop the suitable solution for their requirements. A deep understanding for most different problems and years of experience in the field of filtration and separation makes us to a convenient partner for customer and process specific solutions as well as standard solutions.

We use modern 2D and 3D software (AutoCAD / Inventor) to provide our client a near-term and detailed solution.