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Ultra-fine filter for depth filtration and adsorption of fluids and gases

HETA cartridge filters are ultra-fine filters, i. a. for depth filtration and adsorption. The filter system can be used with great flexibility. It is suitable for liquid as well as for gaseous media in the chemical industry, pharmacy, food and beverage industry and in power stations. Due to the variable construction of the filter cartridges, cartridge filters can also be used in difficult spatial conditions.

Characteristics of the filter system

  • Wide range of elements and their materials
  • Different filter finenesses larger 1 µm
  • Suitable for a wide range of fluids and gases 


The filter vessel can be produced of stainless steel, carbon steel (with or without inner lining) or glass fibre reinforced plastic (GFK).

Benefits of the filter system

  • Long service time
  • Wide range of materials for vessel and filter elements
  • Large filter area in small spaces due to variable filter cartridges
  • Flexibly usable


  • Wounded filter elements (cotton / polypropylene / nylon)
  • Active carbon filter elements (coalescer)
  • Pleated filter elements (cotton / polypropylene / nylon / stainless steel)
  • Filter elements made of stainless steel wire mesh (sinter laminate / Hastelloy)
  • Sintered ceramic elements


  • Differential pressure transmitter / manometer
  • Level indicator / sight glass
  • Quick acting closure
  • Cover lifting and swivelling device
  • Automatic vent
  • Safety vent valve
  • Shut-off unit (ball valve or butterfly valve)
  • Temperature manometer