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Robust coarse filter for process filtration and for protection of sensitive systems

HETA sieve basket filters are used for the protection of fittings, pumps, compressors, flow meters and security-related components. The sieve basket filter is suitable for suction lines as well as for pressure lines.

In- and outlet can be located on even height. Due to that, the sieve basket filter can be integrated even into existing piping systems, without the necessity of additional bows. Equipped with the appropriate isolation valves, the sieve basket filter can be taken out of operation for cleaning of the sieve basket.

Characteristics of the filter system

  • Robust construction
  • Filtered media is retained in the sieve basket
  • Filtration of solids from liquids and gases
  • Design pressure from -1 to 350 bar
  • Temperature range from -60 °C to +300 °C
  • Suitable for filter finenesses larger 20 µm 


The filter vessel can be produced of stainless steel, carbon steel (with or without inner lining) or glass fibre reinforced plastic (GFK).

Benefits of the filter system

  • Reusable filter basket
  • Long operating times
  • Wide range of materials for vessel and filter basket
  • Minimization of the maintenance time when using a quick acting closure
  • Different filter materials possible


  • Slot type element
  • Perforated plate sieve cylinder (with or without wire mesh)
    The filter basket can be supplied made of stainless steel, titanium, Hastelloy or Super Duplex materials. Other material can be supplied upon request.
  • Filter bags (Aramid fleece & PTFE coating)


  • Differential pressure transmitter / manometer
  • Level indicator / sight glass
  • Quick acting closure
  • Cover lifting and swivelling device
  • Automatic vent
  • Safety vent valve
  • Shut-off unit (ball valve or butterfly valve)